Wellcom acquires BrandSystems

Wellcom has announced the acquisition of Singapore based Marketing Resource Management (MRM) software company, BrandSystems, which took effect in October, 2018. 

BrandSystems is a leading cloud-based MRM platform that was founded in Sweden by Peter Svahn.

In 2016, Gartner highlighted BrandSystems as a leading innovative MRM technology, which will now be part of Wellcom’s proprietary marketing operations software, Knowledgewell.

Recently, Forrester reported that MRM is undergoing a renaissance. According to the report, MRM used to be a ‘dirty word’, perceived by marketers as “administrative overkill and a waste of time.” However, MRM is now seen as an essential tool to stay on top of modern marketing operations.

“We have witnessed a growing demand for a smarter way for marketers to plan, manage and report on their marketing programs.”

Andrew Sidwell, Wellcom CEO (AUNZ)

"Back in 2015, when Wellcom first partnered with BrandSystems, customers were looking to extend the capability of Knowledgewell, which included modules such as DAM and Approval. Today, brands are seeking tools that can manage a multitude of disparate systems and data, that provide insights into ROI. BrandSystems provides this solution, therefore the timing is right to invest in the MRM technology and provide marketers with a true end-to-end solution.”

Now with BrandSystems joining Wellcom, Knowledgewell becomes a true end-to-end solution for the modern marketer.

Shaun Gray, Wellcom’s Global IT Solutions Manager, highlighted that, “what appealed to us about BrandSystems was its high-level of features and functionality. It is highly customisable with powerful workflow tools, and can be deployed and scaled quickly. The uptake and adoption of the technology has surpassed our expectations.”

The MRM module is fast gaining popularity in each of Wellcom’s key markets (Australasia, UK and US), with the company’s client-base looking for greater control and measurement over their marketing activity. Wellcom clients’ such as Tesco, Pernod Ricard and The Star Entertainment Group, currently use the BrandSystems MRM solution.

The platform’s ability to track campaigns, tasks, budgets and staff distribution across multiple, and simultaneous projects in real time, has won popularity with many clients. As MRM is built to integrate with other internal systems, analytics and reports can be compiled automatically with ease; equipping marketers with the tools they need to focus on strategic planning and other creative pursuits.

“Insight into ROI is what brands are seeking”

Peter Svahn, founder and CEO of BrandSystems.

“Marketers want control and oversight over their marketing programs, with rigour around process, smart planning and rich insights into a project or a campaign’s results. Furthermore, collaboration between teams, establishing smart workflows and repurposing data and content, are now mandatory requirements. BrandSystems joining Wellcom now closes the loop between planning, execution and measurement.”

Andrew Sidwell shares that, “Wellcom has invested considerable resources integrating BrandSystems into the Knowledgewell platform over the past few years, and now having ownership over the technology, opens up new and exciting opportunities for the future.”

Peter will continue on as CEO of BrandSystems and will be relocating to Wellcom’s Head Office in Melbourne, Australia.

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