How to shoot 300 products in a day

We use technologies that make digital image capture less complex and more efficient.

The StyleShoots system is one of two key tools we use to produce large volumes of high quality content efficiently. And it’s all executed without a photographer.

The StyleShoots system is an automated image capture device with a 360-degree range. It has the ability to capture fitted apparel on mannequins and capture products or flat-lay apparel

General Manager of Melbourne, Melinda Phillips, has successfully integrated the StyleShoots system into Wellcom’s Fisherman’s Bend studios.

“StyleShoots ability to cater for quality, speed and automation in a single process management system is its key advantage for the Wellcom team and clients who require large volumes of content to be produced quickly.”

“As consistent quality capture is guaranteed, our photographers are free to devote their time and focus to more demanding, creative shoots (either on location or in studio) where their experienced eye is critical to success.”

Melinda believes that it is not always to the benefit of our clients to assign an experienced photographer to capture still, product images. “Instead, a stylist and assistant can shoot upwards of 40 images per hour using the StyleShoots system.”

“Our stylists who operate the system are extremely efficient and have strong attention to detail, enabling them to multitask and prepare the next shot while shooting another. The overall time savings for clients across the entire production process is significant and the savings are typically re-invested into more creative content creation such as lifestyle, motion, videography and behind the scenes, to satiate the growing appetite for content.” Melinda concludes “StyleShoots provides us with the right balance between automation and creativity in our studios, allowing our clients to have their cake and eat it too.”